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Aptos Jr. High presents HUGE check to Grind Out Hunger

Interesting story here, on my rounds this season I stopped in a school by the name of Aptos Jr. High…now I like to consider myself a pretty entertaining speaker and can work any crowd. In the case of AJH it felt like I bombed when I walked out of there. Fast forward a month,  I am standing in the Aptos Safeway when two AJH 8th grade girls approach me as Mr. Grind Out Hunger and begin to tell me how they are raising a ton of food and money and they are totally going to crush the 7th graders….I didn’t know if they were kidding or if they were serious as they were so full of energy I figured they were just having fun with me…wellllll was I wrong. 3 days ago I get a call from Bly at the Second Harvest Food Bank with the news…”Hey Aptos Jr High wants to do a check presentation on Wednesday mor...

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