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Grind Out Hunger Freestyle Rap by Tev-Loc and Crew

Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop is currently going through a transformation to become the main hub of Grind Out Hunger. Kids from the area come to the shop to hang out, skate, relax, and develop friendships. The youth that pass through are being exposed to the message of Grind Out Hunger every day and are beginning to realize the power that they have to make a difference. It’s all about finding your passion, harnessing it, and using it to create positive change.

A perfect example happened yesterday during the Grind Out Hunger University Renovation Sale at Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop. A student from Cypress Charter High School, Tevin, known to his friends as “Tev-Loc”, came up to us and explained that he is fairly talented at freestyle rapping...

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