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Welcome Hunger Fighter Musician, Jeff Frady

Jeff Frady playing at Margaritavile for a Grind Out Hunger benefit.

Jeff Frady first got seriously involved with Grind Out Hunger last September when 90’s punk rock band, Fury 66 wanted to do a one time reunion show at The Catalyst and make it a benefit for the cause. Jeff played guitar in Fury 66 for a while back when they were still together as a band. Through the process of putting together the reunion show and after it raised 16,000 meals for the cause, our relationship with Jeff had grown significantly. He was informed about the hunger situation within Santa Cruz County and knew that he wanted to help be part of the movement to make a change.

We sat down with Jeff Frady and did an interview asking him questions about his stance on Grind Out Hunger, issues of food insecurity among chil...

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