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Moriarity Foundation to Provide 4 Meals for Every New Facebook “Like”

So, we just sat down for coffee with Kimberly Moriarity of The Jay Moriarity Foundation and had a lovely chat under the Santa Cruz sun.¬†After talking Grind Out Hunger for a bit we explained to Kim that we were looking to figure out a way to build our Grind Out Hunger Facebook fan base. We want to do this by giving the community an incentive, a reason, a purpose…to click one little button.

Kim, without hesitation, responded to that request with a proposal:

“Alright guys, how about this…for each new Facebook “like” by the end of the month of March, The Jay Moriarity Foundation will provide 4 meals to to Grind Out Hunger.”¬†

We talked logistics of the campaign and agreed that we would set a goal of 3,000 meals.
If 1 like = 4 meals that means we have until March 31st to get 750 additional lik...

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