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11/16 Sessions Presents: BBQ to Benefit Tim Brauch Memorial Fund & Grind Out Hunger

NOVEMBER 16th: BBQ, Skate Demo, and Ghost at Sea playing live at Grind Out Hunger HQ!

Each year, the Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Contest takes place between San Jose and Scotts Valley Skate Parks all to remember the great Tim Brauch and to raise awareness and funds for the Tim Brauch Memorial Fund. TBMF’s mission is to “promote skateboarding as a safe, healthy, and fun activity, as well as provide cities with money, tools, and knowledge to create proper skateboard parks.”

Unfortunately, the Scotts Valley portion of the 2013 contest was rained out this year and so Cindi Busenhart of Sessions approached us to see if we’d like to team up for an event. How could we say no to that?! So in the spirit of Thanksgiving…and great skating…we’re joining forces for this great event.

Drop by anytime betw...

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