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Marissa Hushaw’s Winter Campaign Raises 15,628 Meals For Kids

Marissa Hushaw came on board with Grind Out Hunger about 4 months ago with a $1000 goal set in mind. She wanted to hit that goal by the end of her snowboarding season…well the end of the season is here and we are all proud to say that she passed her goal and has raised $3907.
That amount of cash converts to 15,628 meals.

Through her snowboarding and consistent advocacy of the Grind Out Hunger program and mission, Marissa has changed the lives of many, not only the lives of those who need food, but those who have been looking for a way to help their community. Marissa has infected the lives of many of the youth, giving them a sense of purpose and introducing them to the world of philanthropy and giving...

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